Sunday, 23 March 2014


Not a bad day at all and with fairly little effort, mind you birding here is pretty easy. Started on the patch watching Gannets and Red Throated Diver going past when 2 largish ducks flew in and landed on the sea a long long long way way. The wing patterns reminded me of Red Crested Pochard. The light was really strong making view the ducks on the sea very tricky until they moved further north when I could just about make out that they were infact a Drake and Duck Red Crested Pochard, gotta be patch heaven. An Auk species Linnet, Rock Pipit and a couple of Chiffchaff was just about it.
Had an early lunch then moved onto Carlton Marsh where a pair of Cracking Garganey were present.

We carried on the circular walk, Male Marsh HarrierCettis Warbler Reed Bunting and a couple of Little Egrets. Then this nice White wagtail dropped in very briefly. That was it after that.

Another nice weekend.

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