Friday, 6 February 2015

Camera Trap

So at Work ive seen Green Sandpiper that was flushed from a ditch by someone and just by chance it flew over the van and a Short eared Owl, year ticks on the patch have been 8 Red Legged Partridge..

I Brought a 60 quid wildlife camera trap from Aldi a while back, it comes on when something triggers the sensor. Ive used it a few times but 3 days ago I set up a log with some seed and bits on. Blackbirds, Robin, Great Tits and the dogs had set it off until last night when I was very excited to see a Jay using it then in the night a wonderful Red Fox. So time to set up a fence to prevent the dogs going in and time for some cat or dog food to try encourage the fox much more often.


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