Saturday, 28 February 2015


I was out the door at half seven this morning looking through the gulls at North Denes Lowestoft. 2 Adult Med Gull in the car park was it really. News of the Glauc at South Pier came out again so I headed there for a look. Unfortunately there was no sign now.
Headed to the patch for a quick look around but very little, 2 Bullfinch in the churchyard.
Back home to warm up and have some dinner then, Rach, I n the dogs headed out for the Shorelarks which we picked up almost straight away North of Kessingland Sluice but then someone walked straight through them (ignoramuses)/!!! They headed south of the Sluice, another birder was coming back from the sluice so we headed up and found the birds for him. On the way back to the van I was happy to spot a Juvenile Glauc heading out to sea, nice addition to the day.
The 3 Shorelark then miraculous turned up in front of us again North or the sluice and by the Caravans. ANNND once again walkers ploughed straight through them... frustrating.

Crap pics.

Headed for the South Pier just in case the Glauc turned back up there but no gulls at all.
Till tomorrow

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