Saturday, 7 January 2017

Patch tick and a local Pallas Warbler

So all week id been teased by the locals as a couple of Nuthatch had been showing everyday since the weekend, they were a patch tick for me and certainly aren't common on the coast here. Id been trying for them after work most nights but it was always too late as they must have gone to roost.
So this morning i headed straight for Corton Woods and as soon as i reached the gate i thought i had heard one call. After about 20 min the noise of 2 Nuthatch's opened up and i had my new patch tick. Yeeehaaaa. I followed the sound of the Nuthatch's until i could watch them stashing nuts and singing in the Beech trees in the North West corner of Corton Woods.
Whilst watching the nuthatch, birds such as Great Spot Woodpecker, Long tailed tits, Goldcrests, Treecreepers etc were showing, also i could hear a Firecrest singing. so went on the hunt for that and i found them in the same Holly bush i always seem to find them, there were two displaying males, showing well and just stunning.
After my fill i headed home and Rach n i headed to Kessingland for the Pallas Warbler that had been found a couple of days before. It was nice to see the bird well flitting in the tops of the trees, ruined a little by the bling in its legs that the local ringers had now put on it this morning. Whats to learn about birds like this now..... not a lot in my opinion. Ho hum ruined the bird for me now. A couple of Chiffchaff, Water Rail, Grey Wagtail and 5 flyover Bewicks were the best of the rest. The camera never came out.
We then headed for Minsmere for lunch and a quick look in North hide had me year ticking lots of the common stuff but unfortunately nothing worthy of a mention except a 1st winter Yellow Legged Gull
Lastly headed to Rendlesham for the Waxwings but we just couldn't find em.
Oh well hopefully some more year ticks tomorrow. 


  1. Hi Craig, just wanted to add my disgust to the hobby of capture mark and release that is going on unabated without any thought to the welfare of the animal, or a basic understanding of physcics, evolutionary biology etc etc.
    Kind regards, Perry Fairman Ecological Experiences