Friday, 6 April 2018

On Wednesday James found a Black Redstart at COSW so hopefully i started there after work but just my luck i couldn't find it. There were over 40 Meadow Pipits feeding in the cliff top field and one large group. Definitely new in.
Still disappointed about missing the Black Red, i carried on through the patch passing the church to the field opposite where i noticed a shed load of wagtails. An incredible 21 White Wagtails certainty a lizard land record who knows what the county high counts are.

Certainly made up for missing the Black Redstart.

Thursday i was out again persevering hoping for that biggie, no biggie tonight but found 2 Black Redstarts at COSW, 1 certainly new in 1 i could have missed yesterday but personally like to think they were both new in. Chipping away at the scarce stuff.

Tonight very little but 1 Black Redstart still, 2 Chiffchaffs a Mistle Thrush, Dunlin, Snipe and 2 Oystercatcher were best of the rest.

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