Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The end of the year is nigh Hollesley

Yesterday on patch i walked from home to Shingle Street but started in the Garden with a cracking Lesser Redpoll.

Then when i got to the road leading to the screen i could hear the Peregrine in its usual tree, only this time there were 2. Kingfisher was brief and there were 11 Brent Geese on the flash. The Eastern Stonechat was still on Winter Flood from the river bank.

Reached the road heading to Shingle street and walked the river bank to the end picking up the 3 Whooper Swans, finally found were there feeding.

5 Bullfinch was the best after this.  A Report of a Spoonbill back on the flash had me heading back to patch sooner than id like, i did manage to scope it from the prison late morning.

After being on the patch the family headed to Ramsholt fora pub lunch and i managed to check the river for birds. 170 Avocets was a nice surprise.
Onto Felixstowe and Landgaurd point cafe where i picked out 2 nice Adult Med Gulls. pictures taken on my phone.

Onto today, again started in the garden with a nice list of birds .
1 Lesser Redpoll 14 chaffinch 19 Goldfinch 4 Greenfinch 3 Robin 2 Dunnock 5 Collard dove 6 Blue tit 3 Great tit 1 Coal tit 1 GS woodpecker 1 Starling 1 Tree creeper 5 Blackbird 3 Woodpigeon 3 Magpie 1 Grey squirrel.

Moved onto the patch again, surprise surprise.....
Started with a Grey Wagtail, then at least 8 Whitefronts and 2 bar headed geese. 12 Brent geese 25 golden plover. Then 20 Barnace Geese dropped into nearby fields and another 17 flew North. Continued my circular finishing up at the entrance to Warren Prison where all the geese were now. Counted 37 euro white-fronted geese, 20 barnacle geese 7 Brent. Geese and 1 pink-footed goose many Greylag and Canada geese 2 bar headed geese to and 150 curlew. Then thinking id spotted 3 Pinkfeet but two i noticed were different. Realised then i had 2 Tundra Bean Geese... Boom

It was great to see a nice selection of geese. 

A Great finish to the year.


  1. I can't believe prisoners are allowed to take their scopes in... It's not right. You're in there to be punished!