Sunday, 13 December 2020

Gulls Gulls Gulls Hollesley

 Not sure why i bother with gulls but i do and i guess i must love the challenge. I occasionally think ive got it nailed then i look through so many i go gull blind..... This weekend was no exception.

Found a simple Adult  Larus cachinnans Or Caspian gull on the pools .

A nice easy bird. Then a second what i thought was a Larus cachinnans but something doesn't really ring true, does this bird have a Herring Influence or is it just an odd looking Yellow Legged Gull. The wing pattern seems fine but head and structure don't, Im confused again. Last picture shows it with the Adult Caspian behind. 

Onto a First winter Larus cachinnans which i hope is ok and has a ring from Central Poland so hope to get more info back soon. 

On the Shingle ridge by the sea another Larus cachinnans this time a 2nd Winter a little more distant so I didnt grill this one too much but the under wing looked spot on.

Onto a Yellow Legged Gull, this one very dainty but hopefully these are a little more straight forward. Wing formula looked good.

Over to Herring Gulls and this 1st Winter brute i think has to Argentatus or Northern Herring Gull.

I need to speak about Lesser Blacked Backed Gulls i suppose and the further away birds are, the harder it is to spot the small differences to separate them but i took a pic of what i think is a Lesser.  Dainty small head but seems very pale so now confused again. Bird in center

Gone Gull blind now so this easy Lesser Black Back Gull or is it a Herring Gull ;-)

 Lastly a Polish rung Black Headed Gull. wow an easy one phew.

So it wasnt all about the Gulls 160 Russian White-fronted geese were int he area of Boyton and small groups flew over Hollesley (93). 40 Barnacles too mixed in 

On the Sea and Shingle 1300 Cormorants. 

Barn Owl and Short Eared Owl at Boyton. 

Ducks were plentiful with numbers of Pintail now up to 30.

100 Common Scoter on sea no Velvets unfortunately. 

Think thats it for this weekend. 

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