Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Well Ive now got a lot more free time on my hands works dried up so its time to look for something new.
So nipped to Soddy and then Bassenthwaite Lake in the meantime. Nothing new on Soddy but Male Osprey sat by last years nest on Bassenthwaite.
Ordered my CSCS card Health and safety card for working on construction sites, so once Ive got this ill be back to work hopefully. Ill do anything now.. times are hard for a lot of people so i ain't worried just yet.
More time for birding ;-)

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  1. Sorry to hear that Craig, good luck with the job hunting, somthing will turn up. on the possitive side extra birding time.
    ps. check out the number of Sand Martins roosting at Thacka pic (although poor)on my bloghttp://www.westhighlandwhites.blogspot.co.uk/