Sunday, 6 May 2012


Well Seeing as im around the Chesterfield area i may as well do some local stuff. I had a walk around the Chesterfield Canal but very little really, Common Whitethroats, Kingfisher etc.  So in between hospital visits i nipped to Sheffield for some reported Waxwings. I put the street in the sat nav and got there but couldnt find the carpark they were reported in so i had a drive around pulled up by a park and decided to have a look see where i was... AMAZINGLY i could hear them i got out car had a look around but couldnt see em i could still here them, i had only parked right below the tree they were in i looked up and there were 18 of the cute little bleeders, brilliant, very late in the spring too. That was all the time i had available today.

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