Monday, 28 May 2012

Norfolk last days.

Day 20 26th May
No birding done today except a quick stop in for 2 Wood Sandpiper and a Ruff at Salthouse. The light was all wrong unfortunatly.
Wood Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper


Day 21 27th May
Yes were still here, the wonderful people who own the van let us stay here a couple more days. Definitely got to leave for Derbyshire on Monday though as its Daves funeral on Tuesday, then off home and back to finding a Job!!! Only birding done today was a walk out on the heath during the day and in the evening for Nightjars. A few churring, calling, wing clapping and showing well over the busy campsite.
Day 22 28th May
BOOOOOO HOOOOOOO time for home, or at least to Derbyshire for the funeral. Before we left I had a walk early on the heath produced nothing new but it was nice to be out, although the low mist didn't help. Unless theres something easy to twitch on the way home I wont be stopping.. I'm all birded out...
Time for getting back to serious life and trying to find a Job.

finished on a poor 166 species...

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