Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Black Redstart

Well the patch has been very quiet but I've carried on plugging away at it and tonight I was rewarded with great views of a Beautiful Male Black Redstart. Id started off sea watching picking up mainly terns include 3 Little Tern. then slogged the rest of the patch. 3 Gatekeeper butterfly's were new for me on the patch. It wasn't until I was just 150 yards from home coming back through the village when I spotted the Black Red, I got very excited ;-) and amazingly I had taken my scope, I rarely take my scope these days. I reeled off a couple of shots then hurried home, there was always a chance I could get this on the garden list.
I rushed upstairs and could bloody see it on the roofs to my right, YOU BEAUTY!!! best garden tick ever ;-)
That's made my day. Click on pics to enlarge.

Forgot to add the 3 Green Woodpecker in the Old Sewage works Compound. pics taken through the fence.


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