Monday, 14 July 2014

Great Knot

I woke up this morning to a tweet from about 7 minutes past midnight of a Summer plum Great Knot Breydon water. I thought to myself anything that's taken that long to be reported was probably a mis-id as was last years bird at the same place. Anyway I went to work as normal and saw 3 birders looking from the bridge I was tempted to go ask em if they had got anything but didn't, mistake or what!!, they were only watching the bloody Great Knot. ahhh bugger. All I can hope for now is it stays till after work. come 11am it had flown off but luckily got found again at about 3pm. I arrived on site only for it to have just flown off again arghhhhh............
I followed Lee Evans who had seen the direction the bird had gone and after a 2 km walk along the bank he found it in the creak. As I didn't have my scope he gave me first dibs on looking through his. Cheers Lee. We moved further round and all the crowd with a few of my mates arrived so I was able to get some really nice scope view... wish I had my kit though, but still what a great looking bird and what a Mega!!!!! Lifer.
I had to leave before my time as I had to get back for the dogs. Hopefully ill get another chance tomorrow.

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