Friday, 18 July 2014

Ont patch

Gave the patch a really good grilling this morning covering all the boundaries and everything within.
A look on the sea produced a Mallard, 4 Dunlin, 2 Turnstone and a couple of Kittiwakes.
Then 2 Yellow Wagtails in the turnip field an Adult with a very young Juvenile.
Oh just before all this 4 Adult Med Gulls in the fields by the allotment.
7 More Med Gull flew over going north. Had a walk around Radar lodge but only the hybrid Hoodie.
On the way back an incredible 22 Adult Med Gulls flew over in 1 group. Covered the rest of the patch but nothing to write about so I gave the Dragons and Damselfly's a good grilling. Loads and I mean double figure Brown Hawkers, 4 Emperor Dragonflies, many Common Blue Damselfly, I managed to see Small Red Eyed Dam and Red eyed dam and lastly I think a Migrant Hawker.
The Skykarks were looking rather different now. Loads of Butterfly's but nothing special.
It was getting rather hot so home for some dinner.


Common Blue


Red Eyed Dam

Small Red Eyed Dam

Small Red Eyed Dam

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