Friday, 3 April 2015

Migrants or lack of em

So the bank holiday weekend is here and its still bloody cold, its like being back in Cumbria. Other than the wintering Chiffchaff in the Allotment a few weeks back yesterday was the first chiffchaffs of the spring with 2 on patch.
I nipped out first thing this morning on the patch it started very quiet, its still very cold but eventually I spotted 3 Greylag Geese, surprisingly a patch tick. The 2 Singing Chiffchaffs were again in the disused railway. On the south side of the new sewage works a cracking male Marsh Harrier. To finish the mornings yomp a very nice White Wagtail .

 Marsh Harrier.

Chopped up some more logs back at home and then went out on the patch again, all the birds I did see were distant so I was stringing left right and centre starting with sea watch and picking up wader that looked good for a Whimbrel, who knows. Then a Dove flew past very quick I only saw the back as it flew past looked dark backed, Turtle Dove, too early, again who knows, then lastly on the sea 2 large divers sat way out with a GBB Gull looked like 2 Great Northerns, too far, who knows. Instincts always kicks in but in reality the head says there all common stuff and my id skills were just crap today!!!!! 
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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