Sunday, 26 June 2016

Lifers and Rare's Rare's Rare's

Sunday night last week a Caspian Tern was found at Breydon water, it was one of the birds from Gib point in Lincs but it was too late to be going and at the time I didn't realise it would be a UK lifer. So Monday I left for work a little earlier as it was on the way and nipped into Breydon where a few people were watching the bird as it rested on the sand. I was lucky enough to borrow some ones scope as it was a fair way off. What a beast. After a few minutes it was off to work.
During the week the patch was actually quite good but mainly from the sea, Terns were the major bird available with a few Little Tern, Common Tern and Sandwich Tern. Lots of Kittiwakes a few gannets and 3 Whimbrel. Med gulls were now on the move with an Adult, 2nd Summer and 1st Summer birds moving North.

Broad Bodied Chasers were nice and not common on the patch, I finally managed to find a few Bee Orchids and another single Pyramid Orchid.

Best bird of the week and big fat patch tick was a superb Quail as it flew from the OSW into the crop field.
I kept watching the sea as I was hoping the Caspian Tern that was still at Breydon would pay me a visit. Unfortunately not!
The weather was mixed and sometimes forced me away early.

 Come this weekend nd a superb one birdwise it was. The Caspian Tern Disapeared back to Gib point but was back at Breydon a day later and it gave me a proper chance prolonged views. After checking my records I was surprised to see it was a UK lifer for me.


Extra birds on Breydon were a few Whimbrel and 3 Med Gulls.

The afternoon was spent with Danny, we headed for Holme and Gore Point hoping to see the Great Knot which I had dipped the week before. We started with a  Red Kite heading over Brancaster. We arrived at Gore point and weren't to be disappointed as we had the Great Knot with a small group of birders as the tide came in. What a stunning and rare bird even if it was a fair way off.


The 3000 Knot were amazing to watch as they fed and sometimes wheeled in the air.

Whilst onsite a year tick in 4 Eider, a nice Little Gull with all the usual Terns, Little Egret on the beach and back in the Dunes a Turtle Dove and best one yet were the very vocal Natterjack toads, it was quite late but a really nice evening, the Wrens were certainly enjoying themselves.

Onto today and back home just off the patch at Ness point Rob found a stunning female Bluethroat, a very late bird and I was lucky enough to spend early afternoon watching the birding feeding around the carpark.

What a great weekend.

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