Monday, 3 May 2021

Kentish plover

Sat watching the snooker then checked the phone, a kentish plover was found at Iken just 20 minutes from home, after debating whether to go or not, It took just a couple minutes to make the correct decision. I arrived on site to 3 other birders looking, no sign, the tide was almost in and birds were a long way off. Almost gave in but one of the birders moved a little way round the bay and it wasn't long before he was waving me over. We managed very distant views of the female type before it moved off with the tide. The kentish plover just seemed to disappear and no one could find it after that. Five minutes later and I'd have been out of luck. The tide covered the flats. There was a nice mix of waders to accompany the Kentish, Spotted Redshank, knot, Barwit, Black wit, Whimbrel, Dunlin, Grey plover, and Avocet. 

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