Sunday, 23 May 2021

Super local birding.


Been a tough week at work, long hours and no birding. This weekend was great though. Saturday back at Hollesley was pretty good with huge numbers of Swifts, Swallows, House Martins and Sand Martins. A Swift flew through my scope with a slight white belly and rump, i got so excited that then turned to disappointment, when i found it again it was to be an aberrant Common Swift, Size and shape ruled out anything else unfortunately. I tried hard to find something within them but nothing. 

It was pretty windy so i stood on the sea wall doing a sea watch as stuff was moving further south. Counts weren't bad with 2 Fulmar, 40+ Kittiwakes 10+ Gannets 70 Common Scoter 12 Little Tern a Probable Arctic Tern flew up the river with a Sandwich Tern, 7 Sandwich terns, some Commic terns and finally 6 Common Tern. A Hobby was a strange bird to be watching out to see going South not looking to make landfall, possibly feeding out there. An Auk species was probably the Razorbill reported North from me. 

Cuckoos very much in evidence still, and the Adult Spoonbill still.

Spent the afternoon at Boyton where i was able to find the female Channel Wagtail that was now breeding with a Yellow. Some stunning male Yellow Wagtails too.

Also spotted was a Hobby, Drake Pochard and 4 Tufted Ducks. The Avocet had young now. 

This morning 23rd i was on patch when a message came through from East Lane at Bawdsey about a male Woodchat Shrike, so i quickly walked home jumped in the van and nipped down there getting great views of this stunning shrike. 

This was a patch tick as was a Spotted Flycatcher in the same bush.

I moved onto Boyton as i heard the Garganey was still there, i had been searching for this before but it can hide in the grass margins, which is where it must have been yesterday. Anyway i arrived as it flew over my head onto the main pool, Bingo

It then took flight again and landed in another pool a little closer and where its probably been getting into the deep cover for most of its visit. An Avocet didn't take kindly to its presence. 

The Pochard and Tufties were still on site as were the Yellow Wagtails. Swallows and Sand Martins enjoyed there pictures being taken. 

I had a look around Hollesley but just the Spoonbill was of note so i nipped back to the Woodchat Shrike for seconds.

So now im home, processing pics and enjoying highlights of the Grand Prix with a beer. Great finish to my weekend. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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