Friday, 25 November 2011

25th November Cumbria and Geese

Well Today my task was to find Keith some Rare Geese in Cumbria, a very tough task indeed. I had a tip off thanks Paul, that there were a few Geese and Swans around  the Silloth area, So i spent all day looking in every field i could with no joy, just some Greylags. So i ended up in the Solway but the high tide was closing all the roads and made getting around difficult, so thought id go to Workington sea-watching. On the way back decided to go through Silloth but as i got to Calvo i noticed a dozen Geese flying and noticed 2 were Greater Whitefronts , the others i didnt get to look at but probably Greylags. so i decide to go look for them. Eventually i found 6 European White-fronted Geese hidden in a crop field Bingo!!!! So I gave Keith a ring as it was a lifer for him. He arrived not long after and told me he had seen some Swans and Geese further down the road so after watching the Whitefronts for a few minutes we just had to check the others out.
On arriving, there were a load of what we thought would be Pinkfooted Geese, but how wrong were we they were only bloody Tundra Been Geese and not just 1 or 2 but 76!!!! probably a County Record if not a a UK record or close to it. We then noticed a dozen European White-fronted Geese too. The flock took flight and joined the Whooper Swans and hundreds of Gulls in the field across the road. Another 12 Eurasian Whitefronts flew in and eventually we Counted at least 25 Whitefronted Geese.
Whooper numbers were 21, Pinkfeet were mixed in with the Beans but only totalled about 6 and a few Greylags were present. 
A Ruff was on the flood. A couple of people came and went including Nick and Paul before the rain and dark set in. What a great finish to the day.....
So my task was complete, i need to predict my birds more oftern! Pallied Harrier next please ;-)
Tundra Bean Geese

European White-fronted Geese

Bean, Whitefront and Pinkfoot Goose (in flight)

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