Saturday, 12 October 2013

Awesome Day!!!

7-30 I was out the door this morning but there were birders all over my patch looking for yesterdays Little Bunting n stuff, so I moved onto the very edge of my patch Radar Lodge, straight away there were Redwings all over then a Fieldfare flew over then I flushed 2 Ring Ouzel, bingo! Further along the road I then flushed a Snow Bunting shame it flew off normally they would drop back down again.
So after this I headed back to the churchyard field more Thrush's everywhere but as birders had already gone through the area it was pretty quiet. I did see a Redpoll that flew into a tree looked bigish but couldn't find it again, apparently I found out later it was a Mealy Redpoll. Ah well there will be others. Then I Checked out the disused railway here another 2 Ring Ouzel, Thrush's, Chiffchaffs and Goldcrest.  By now Leach's Petrels were being report all along the coast so I felt it was a good idea to get it on the patch list, I waited a good while and was starting to panic, I wanted to get back to looking for passerines, eventually I managed to find a Leach's Petrel passing North, it was a big relief. Other birds were mainly wildfowl and Gannets. Had my best views of 2 very close Porpoise from here showing there heads and everything, just great.
I then headed back towards the disused railway where I heard the familiar call of the Yellow Browed Warbler, I got very excited but had to be doubly sure it wasn't someone playing a tape (again). Brilliantly for me it wasn't and the Yellow Browed Warbler called and showed well as I followed it the length of the old railway. After it had gone I found yet another Ring Ouzel  with lots of other Thrush's and a few Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs.
I was then due to go see a Great Grey Shrike that had turned up a mile down the road but it flew before  could get back to my van darn it ;-).
So on I went back to Corton old sewage works it seemed to be getting quiet now.
Moved back to the Radar road where I stopped for another seawatch now picking up a Bonxie, 2 Sooty Shearwaters , 7 Little Gull and more wildfowl. 1 Pinkfooted Goose flew over.
Then I turned around put my bins up in the Radar Compound hmm that looks very grey what the hell, got me scope on it BINGO Great Grey Shrike, another massive relief and what a patch tick.
I moved round the compound for a better look.

Great grey Shrike


After making sure others got to see my bird I moved back round for another seawatch, again success as I picked up more patch ticks, Wigeon, Goldeneye, Pintail, Eider, Red breasted Mergansers x3 another 8 Little Gull and 2 Drake Velvet Scoters, very rare in Suffolk.
I Finished off covering most of the patch again and then looking through the stubble for the Lapland bunting that other birders found earlier in the day so I only missed the Lapland bunting all day. Just an incredible day!!!! I recon tomorrow could be just as good. I Want Pallas's Warbler now..

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