Tuesday, 1 October 2013

That will do!!!

Didn't get on the patch this morning and guess what! Yup a nice bird was found. Ok so it was only a Firecrest but still would have been a patch tick. So I Got all me Jobs finished by about 2ish and headed out to the Old Sewage Works, a few Song Thrush and 3 Chiffchaffs was just about it. No sign of Firecrest  Doh! 
So moved onto the next bit of my Patch the disused railway, here I was able to pick up a late Lesser Whitethroat, and another couple of Chiffchaff.. THEN bingo bird of the day or birds of the day I heard the familiar call of the Firecrest and then another just great what a patch.. After it went quiet I continued round the patch picking up the Lesser Whitethroat again but not much more. Oh a Muntjac...

What will tomorrow bring.

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