Monday, 21 November 2011

21st November A good day in cumbria

Well i had a site visit first thing then a free day so i met Keith at Bass lake to look for the Great White Egret that had been about. I had a report of two there. So when i arrived Keith had not seen much but had only been here 10 min, but it wasn't long before Keith picked the Great White Egret up on the far bank. Keith had re identified this on the Friday, id had a report of a Cattle Egret and as i couldn't get down sent Keith down, when he arrived he could see it was a Great White, now there's 2 in the county with the one at Campfield still being present.

Great White Egret
Keith also had a Diver species on the far bank so when we picked it up today it was a little closer and was a nice Black-throated Diver corker, another nice find for Keith. It did have my pulse racing for a while as i couldn't actually see the white flanks in the choppy waters but eventually ruled out Pacific Diver and white flanks eventually seen. Pics today wasn't great but you can see what they are ;-)

Juv Black-throated Diver
I then met Keith up on the Whinlatter forest view point where there were at least 50 Crossbill and the Great White Egret On the lake at distance, just double checking there weren't 2. Keith went back to work and we met up later on at Workington for a small sea watch. Not a lot happening, usual Med gull, few Gannets, Guillemots and a single Purple Sandpiper.
I then went for a walk south along the beach with the dog. i heard a familiar call that wasn't a Meadow pipit and new i had a Black Redstart on my hands, after a few seconds it showed itself on the rock and moved between rock and fence. This was an Adult Male. I then picked another bird up on the fence bingo a female type too. Keith had found 2 imm a couple weeks earlier so this makes 4 birds at the same spot. I gave Keith a shout and we were able to watch the birds till the light had gone. A great finish to a Great day.

Male Black Redstart

Male Black Redstart

Female Black Redstart

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  1. Hi Craig,
    This little bird, the Black Redstart is a beauty! You've got great shots there!